This file provides a sample MIDI message created in Qlab 4 for use with Allen & Heath SQ/dLive/Avantis type mix racks & consoles. For more information on how to utilize this and to customize your own, watch this YouTube video that reviews how to control scenes in a similar manner. The PDF reference charts noted in the description of the video will assist you in creating your own customized control.

Quick Guide:
This message will set channel 1 to -10 db on its fader in the LR mix on MIDI channel 12…

B (don’t change this)
B (for MIDI ch 12 so if you look at the guide 13 would be 0C and you just omit the leading 0)
63 (don’t change this)
00 (this would be your input channel number so in this case input/ch 1 = 00; but ch 65 would = 40)

B (don’t change this)
B (again for MIDI ch 12)
62 (don’t change this)
17 (don’t change this – this is the parameter for adjusting the specific channel vol)

B (don’t change this)
B (one more time for MIDI ch 12)
06 (don’t change this)
57 (this is the amount of the fader level change so for instance +5db = 74)



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